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Senior Front-End ReactJS Engineer (GWI-1)

GWI – career partner of PLG Disrupt Summit 2021 – is looking for a Senior Front-End ReactJS Engineer to join their team at GWI. Not just any Senior Front-end ReactJS Engineer though. Someone ambitious and genuine, who works best in the midst of a collaborative and forward-thinking team. That’s because as a GWIer you’ll be immersed in the fast-moving world of data tech. We think big to make an impact, we zero in on what matters, we’re not afraid to be real and we always show respect. Those values are what got us where we are today, and they’re a big part of what we’re looking for in you.

About the job
At GWI we understand that software engineering is a multidisciplinary field that requires a team effort. As such, our focus in building our teams is on finding passionate and hard-working individuals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, and bringing them together to work on a host of challenging and interesting problems. Our mission as an engineering team in the company is to:

Build new and exciting platforms for our users
Improve our services through constant evolution and performance monitoring
Support other teams and our colleagues through internal tools
Raise the standards of software development throughout the company
This means that on a day-to-day basis, our Senior Frontend Engineers might be performing code reviews, delivering new and exciting features in our platforms, motivate and guide the junior members of the team and work with their Team Lead to make sure that everything is delivered on time with the agreed quality.

Key roles and responsibilities:
✔️Work within a multinational team with up to 5 people using a tech stack of React.js and Go
✔️Work closely with designers to make sure that we deliver the proper UX
✔️Lead collaboration with other teams to integrate projects into cohesive overall system
✔️Ideate, brainstorm and implement new application components
✔️Participate in tech sessions and mentor junior members of the team
✔️Engaging on the Dev/Ops operations and on the QA of the product
✔️Making sure the deliverable conforms to the GWI standards by following the best practices in front-end engineering

Core Requirements
✔️Demonstrable commercial experience in coding with React.js and Typescript
✔️Excellent software development skills using both object and functional-oriented design fundamentals with a strong background in client-facing software applications
✔️Experience with Computer Science fundamentals (data representation, data structures, algorithms) and with Test Driven Development (TDD)
✔️Knowledge and experience with continuous integration and deployment automation concepts
✔️Good judgment, prompt decision-making ability, responsibility and accountability
✔️Ability to adapt to changing requirements and delivery timelines; Agile development experience (including tools like JIRA, Git etc) is welcome
✔️Experience with relational databases and SQL
✔️Excellent command of written and spoken English

Category: Software Engineering Working Experience: Intermediate Job Model : Hybrid Job Location: Europe Job Type: Full Time

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