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Senior Machine Learning Engineer (GWI-2)

GWI – career partner of PLG Disrupt Summit 2021 – is looking for Senior Machine Learning Engineers to join their engineering team. Not just any Senior Machine Learning Engineer though. Someone ambitious and genuine, who works best in the midst of a collaborative and forward-thinking team. That’s because as a GWIer you’ll be immersed in the fast-moving world of data tech. We think big to make an impact, we zero in on what matters, we’re not afraid to be real and we always show respect. Those values are what got us where we are today, and they’re a big part of what we’re looking for in you.

About the job
Our Data Science department at GWI is committed to helping our customers arrive at the insights they need to understand their audience. From intelligent product features to custom analytical solutions, we are supporting the business at every level as data is at the very core of what we do. We are actively engaged throughout the entire data life cycle including data cleaning, data processing, designing and automating data workflows, and investigating new trends and unexpected findings. Our team values learning and keeping abreast of the latest research very highly and as a result we’re applying a wide range of techniques across machine learning, deep learning, probabilistic graphical models and natural language processing to the services and features we build. We are a diverse team with different backgrounds spread across two locations, Athens and London, and growing rapidly.

At GWI we are building the next generation of our platform whose vision is to provide a highly personalized, intelligent and immersive experience for our customers. We also run the largest globally harmonised market research data set across nearly fifty countries and counting, as well as an increasing range of specialised data sets. We are pioneering new ways to help customers derive more value from our data and support integrations with their own data. To drive these initiatives and deliver state of the art solutions, we’re looking for enthusiastic and passionate senior machine learning engineers. The role will involve a healthy mix of research, model training, coding and deployment, as well as communicating findings to various stakeholders both internal and external. The role will report to a data science director.

Key Responsibilities
✔️Research and prototype innovative solutions to solve important business problems that help drive value for our customers
✔️Design and run reproducible experiments on data to test a hypothesis, and present the results to key stakeholders within the company and without
✔️Code, deploy and monitor machine learning models in collaboration with engineering teams
✔️Adhere to machine learning best practices and help us drive the bar higher with every project
✔️Explain and interpret the findings of an analysis or performance of a model to both technical and non-technical audiences.

About you
First things first, as a disruptor in the global market research industry, we haven’t come this far without entrepreneurial spirit and a get-up-and-go attitude. So if you think we’ll see that in you, then you’re already halfway there. Here’s the rest of what we’d like you to bring to the table.

The essentials
✔️Master’s degree or above in computer science, engineering, statistics or in a related numerate field
✔️A strong background in machine learning and applying it to real world problems
✔️At least three years of expertise in training and supporting machine learning models in production
✔️Excellent Python skills, especially in the data analysis ecosystem (numpy, pandas, jupyter, etc…)
✔️Excellent communication and presentation skills
✔️A passion for data quality, good documentation and attention to detail
✔️A growth mindset and a team mentality

Nice to have
✔️Experience with cloud services (GCP / AWS / Azure)
✔️Experience with deep learning frameworks
✔️Experience with large-scale data processing frameworks (Spark, Hadoop)
✔️Experience in recommender systems
✔️Experience with market research, especially data fusions

Category: Software Engineering Working Experience: Intermediate Job Model : Hybrid Job Location: Europe Job Type: Full Time

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